Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Japanese Home-wares and Cherry Tomatoes

This weekend, a brief conversation with my uncle about Japan reminded me how many beautiful, paired down, Japanese household accessories and hardware I have recently stumbled. These pieces hold true to the minimal aesthetic associated with Japanese art and design, but do so with a beautiful softness that steps away from familiar straight lights of a Sohji Screen and other iconic Japanese items that many Americans are familiar with. 

Copper Scissors from Tajika Haruo Ironworks

Tableware from jurgenlehlshop

Tableware from Jurgenlehlshop

Everyday Scissors from Tajika Haruo ironworks

These pieces demonstrate a trueness to form, material, and function  on a human scale. The larger design community has been embracing these themes heavily lately, with a sober attitude towards the embellished. Japanese designers show that this is an inherent component of their culture rather than an immediate reaction to economic turmoil through a finessed approach to everyday household items. Regardless of the big picture, these are really lovely pieces that may provide a visual reprieve in your day-to-day activities. These pieces can be found at FutagamiMjolk (can ship products from Futagami), and Jurgen lehl, and images are from the sites as noted in the captions.  

Simple Towel Bar from Futagami

Brackets by Futagami
Pendant Lamps by Futagami
Bottle Openers by Futagami

 bowl and strainer by Sori Yanagi

I love the bowl and strainer set, in particular, probably because its produce related and in my mind they are already filled with farmers market cherry tomatoes. Yes, friends, I have found a way to weave my creepy love of fresh produce into this design blog.