Friday, April 1, 2011

An "A Ha" Moment...

I am starting with images of the Shoreditch House in East London for a couple of reasons.  With an upcoming trip on the horizon, I have London on the brain and this was one of my favorite places to go there. It was so exactly my taste I was probably somewhat annoying to bring there because I was always half way checking out the furniture and fixtures. It was effortlessly casual, but classy. It had a playful use of scale in the furnishings, and there was a really nice interplay between the industrial feeling of the surrounding neighborhood, the interior architectural choices, and the eclectic design sensibility of the designer, Tom Dixon. It was a place with a clear program to the design, As a six story members club that sought to serve its guests day and night a clear design program was essential, but it in not way felt forced.   

When I first went I didn't know who Tom Dixon was, and only recently was able to put the iconic British designers name to this place that I loved so much. It was a project of the Design Research Studio, the interior design branch of his brand. Recently he completed a restaurant at the Royal Acadamy (pictured below), featured on Dezeen that lead me to their website, which then lead me to finally put a designers name to the Shoreditch house. (Googling "who designed the Shoreditch House" had proven ineffective in the past). Kind of an "A Ha!" moment a couple of years after my initial visit which I am now sharing with you. I will do my best not to simply re-post from Dezeen, and am still not totally sure how this blog will develop, but these images set a basic aesthetic ground work and I what better place to start than the place that confirmed for me that interior design could mean oh-so-much more than throw pillows.

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